David Newberry

I work closely with those who are contemplating, perhaps for the umpteenth time, embarking upon yet another weight loss programme . . . and who have sadly found that, in the past, they were unable to stop the weight they had worked so hard to lose from returning; with interest.


Here for you


Dedicated plan just for you and only you

No weekly meetings, gym's or magic potions

Very cost effective




Together we develop a totally bespoke plan which leads to the ‘Holy Grail’ of weight loss; sustainability.


My Process Makes A Difference

Jennifer (not her real name) had found herself in a situation where she was being seriously affected by immense stress and anxiety, and as a result, looked to junk food in order to provide some comfort for herself.

The first time we met was for a pre-arranged one hour session where she talked . . . and talked . . . and then talked a little more about what she was going through, and the diets she had tried in the past but didn’t work for her. With about 15 minutes left of our session I gave her some ‘homework’ for the following week, and then I asked if she thought a visualisation might also help her. She had never experienced one before, but she felt as though she wanted to see what it was like. For her (please forgive the unintended pun) it worked like a dream. (Please note: Visualisations are not part of the telephone sessions. However, if you believe it is something that you feel you would like to add, they are conducted on a one-to-one session at my home.)

Jennifer immediately implemented the plan we devised for her and literally within a few days she no longer felt the need to comfort eat. Although she was still engulfed within the massively stressful situation that had caused her to comfort eat, she had managed to begin to reverse the negative emotional spiral she was experiencing and reverse it into a positive spiral where she began to start feeling good about herself again.

I saw Jennifer for eight sessions in all. I will never forget seeing the light return to her eyes . . . and to hear her laugh for the first time in ages.


What I Offer



There is a beautiful saying that goes something like "until you have walked the same path in the same pair of shoes etc . . ." It would be totally inappropriate for me to ever say "I know exactly what you are going through" . . . but as someone who has walked that same path as you, albeit in my own shoes, I can share with you the discoveries I found along the way.



I will never say "you must do this, or you must do that". This is your journey, and I'm here to shine a light, guide, mentor etc whenever you feel you've lost your way on your path towards sustainable weight loss. Between us we discover the best course of action for you, and ways to implement it.


Practical Help

I have lost count of the number of different 'diet plans' I have tried over the years in order to lose weight; from two oranges a day and glasses of water (Guy's Hospital, London circa 1968); to the cabbage soup diet; the Cambridge Diet; Slimming World; Weight Watchers etc, etc, etc. My background knowledge, gained as a result of all these various diets, help me to help you achieve your goal of sustainable weight loss.

What People Say

“Without David’s gentle skills I’m really not too sure where I’d be right now”


“David doesn’t push or pull – he just switches a few lights on”


 “David’s guidance and ability has, for me, been almost magical”.


“Diets do not work, nor do they lead to sustained weight loss” Traci Mann, Associate Professor of Psychology, UCLA





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David Newberry

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Telephone: +44 1606 841254

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